Aims and activities


The Fund aims to promote the systematic integration of SPM in order to ensure responsible and inclusive microfinance. To achieve this, we will promote the SPI4 as a standard tool to align SP information collection and use among MFIs, networks, investors.


The Fund will include a mix of capacity building (awareness raising events, webinars), off-site support (for MFIs, networks, and credit analysts) and financial support (grants to networks, co-financing MFI SPI4 assessments, and SPTF meeting scholarships).

We will also develop new functionalities for the SPI4 (e.g. filtering questions by specific operational department, and guidance for networks in aggregating data for country reports).

The SP Fund will provide MFIs and networks with the motivation, knowledge, and financial support needed to adopt the SPI4 into their ongoing management and reporting practices.

Download a 2-page factsheet about SP Fund in English, Spanish and Russian