SP Fund case studies

SP Fund Implementation Component

Social performance fund briefing: Key lessons for the networks [ENGFR; RUS; ESP]

Social performance fund briefing: Key lessons for the microfinance institutions[ENG; RUS;ESP;FR]

Social performance fund briefing: Key lessons for the industry [ENG;ESP]

AMFA, Azerbaijan:

FINCA Azerbaijan: Transforming clients’ complaints into loyalty for life [ENG ; RUS]

FINCA Azerbaijan: Protecting client privacy, increasing client trust [ENG]

FinDev Azerbaijan: Retaining key staff through a “pay for performance” culture [ENG; RUS]

VF AzerCredit's (Azerbaijan) Code of Ethics: Putting values into practice  [ENG; ESP; RUS]

AMFIU, Uganda:

UGAFODE Uganda: Listening to client complaints [ENG ;FR]

Vision Fund Uganda: Piloting and using the PPI [ENG; ES]

AMFIU: Supporting improved compliance with the Universal Standards in Uganda [ENG; FR]

APSFD- IC, Ivory Cost:

REMU-CI (Ivory Cost): Development of an SPM training for the Board, management and staff [FR]

CMCI – the process of mission revision and social goals development [FR]

FIDRA experience with overcoming clients over indebtedness [FR]

CMF, Nepal:

Muktinath Bikas Bank group (Nepal) training manual: Supporting informed client decisions [ENG]


Manuela Ramos (Peru): Overview on USSPM implementing [ESP]

Case about model of human resources management in microfinance institution ADRA, specifically at process of recruitment and staff selection based on social and financial criteria, developed by COPEME [ESP ; ENG]

MFN, Lebanon:

Al Majmoua (Labanon) Client Satisfaction and Client Exit Survey [ENG, ESP, FR]

Case study "ABA Egypt Compliance with the Universal Standards in Dimension 2 and 6” [ENG]

Microfinanza Rating, Italy:

AMK Cambodia: Using client data to inform the strategy [ENG]

Arvand Tajikistan: Using mystery shopping to understand clients [ENG]

CREZCAMOS Colombia: Providing transparent information to clients [ENG]

Opportunity Bank Serbia: Implementing a strategic plan for SPM [ENG]

Visión Banco (Paraguay): Creating a comprehensive staff training program [ENG]

MCPI, Philippines:

Peoples Bank of Caraga (Philippines) listens to Members: Customer satisfaction survey [ENG]

PMN, Pakistan:

Identifying Good Social Performance Management Practices [ENG]

Setting up Social Performance Management Systems: Case studies from Kashf Foundation and Khushhali Bank Ltd. [ENG]

RFR, Ecuador:

How to ensure that design products, services, models and distribution channels meet the consumer needs and preferences, based on the experience of Cooperativa 4 de Octubre developed by RFR [ESP]

How to develop and effectively implement financial education program, based on the experience of Cooperative de Ahorro y Crédito Coca Ltda, Ecuador, developed by RFR [ESP]

How to adapt insitution products and services, based on experience from Cooperative Mujeres Unidas [ESP]

How to set up a strategic alliance to improve finanical and social performance based on example of partnership between the World Vision and FODEMI, developed by RFR [ESP ; ENG]

How to develop and implement mobile collection of savings in San Miguel de los Bancos developed by RFR [ESP]

RFR Report from documenting the Process of Implementing Universal Standards for SPM in MFIs [ESP]