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MFC events bring together pracitioners from around the world to debate key issues, share experience, and strengthen practice.

We convene the following types of events:

Annual conferences

Over 450 microfinance stakeholders gather for our Annual Conferences to take a critical look at the important issues of the day, and debate key choices facing the sector. The 2013 conference conference aimed to turn crisis into opportunity — using failure as a catalyst for positive and sustainable change. As such, this event asked “dangerous questions” about the identity, role, and future of the microfinance industry, in Europe and beyond. Learn more

Policy events

Our policy roundtables and fora are designed to disseminate best practices in microfinance regulatory frameworks and tackle sector-wide issues such as financial inclusion. Learn more


We build the capacity of MFIs and the organizations that support them. Our core areas of expertise include financial education, performance management and client protection. Learn about upcoming and past events