SP Fund 2 (2013-2015)

The 2nd  round of the Social Performance Fund was designed to mainstream the new Universal Standards for SPM

The Social Performance Fund project, implemented in collaboration with the Social Performance Task Force, had  two key components: awareness-raising and standards implementation. The overall aim of the Fund was to facilitate the broad scale-up of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM).

Raising awareness across the industry

The first project component was designed to achieve two core objectives: to build awareness and commitment to the USSPM among MFIs on a massive scale, and to identify those MFIs that were ready to implement the essential practices of the USSPM.

Thirty nine grantee networks joined the 2013 Global USSPM Awareness-Raising Campaign, and were trained on the use of a USSPM communications toolkit (including a USSPM overview, promotional presentations for different audiences, and a manual). In 2013, networks integrated sessions on the USSPM into their regular events for members, as well as with their own boards.

Implementing the USSPM

The second component engaged ten networks that were more experienced in supporting and promoting SPM. They undertook 18-month projects to achieve two core aims: firstly, they documented learning and experience around innovative solutions to implementing the essential practices of the USSPM. They also supported their members to reach full or partial compliance with at least two sections of the standards. Read about the partners here>