Sales and Financial Education Counseling


The SAFICO module has been designed to build staff skills to use financial counseling as a sales and client retention tool

The module builds participants’ own basic financial literacy, and teaches them how to use financial counseling to improve their selling (and cross-selling), and deliver individual financial counseling to their clients. At the same time, it builds their communications skills to deliver the training effectively.

As a result of improved financial literacy counseling, financial institutions can benefit from better opportunities for growth and expansion, especially through cross-selling to convert clients using transactional services to use wider range of services. This happens when clients start seeing the connection between their family budget, long-term financial goals, and the bank's products. Financial counseling also improves the institution-client relationship, as trust barriers are lowered and institutions gain a greater insight into the needs and priorities of their clients. It also helps institutions to improve their customer service focus, and (as a result) their public image.

The SAFICO module is relevant to a range of institutional types (from banks, MFIs, insurance companies and cooperatives), as well as a range of staff (from sales and customer service staff, management, human resources, communications, marketing, and others). This 30-hour training is delivered in five sessions.

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