Plan your future


The "Plan your future" module has been designed to change clients' negative attitudes towards long-term financial planning and saving

Plan your future supports low-income people to acquire basic skills in the area of financial education through a series of interactive exercises and games, including visits to local financial service providers. As a result, clients are able to effectively save and reduces their exposure to unforseen expenses.

The module is designed to be delivered by NGOs and providers as part of their on-going customer service process. The module consists of a 15-hour training in the form of group workshop or an individual consultation. As the training is divided into several sessions, institutions can select the most relevant theme for their beneficiaries to deliver in the format that best suits their needs - whether this be individual guidance sessions, short workshops, or day-long courses.

MFC works with institutions to adapt the module to the local context provides institutions with trainings of trainers and counselors, implementation support, and a lessons learned meeting.

Plan Your Future was developed and tested in Poland in 2004-2005 as a part of a global project managed by Microfinance Opportunities and Freedom from Hunger, funded by Citigroup Foundation.

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