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Are your clients progressing out of poverty? Find out!

Vision Fund, Uganda is a great example of an institution that realized that accurate poverty measurement is essential not only to ensure that it is targeting the right clients, but also it is designing appropriate services to meet the needs of different poverty groups. To get the data it needed, the institution decided to introduce the PPI. This case study provides a concrete example of how to introduce PPI effectively, and what challenges you might face in doing so. Inside you will also find an example of a loan appraisal tool that includes the PPI.

Planning to revise your mission and social goals? Get some process tips!

Many institutions at some point or another take a step back to revise their mission and social goals. Learn from the experience of Crédit Mutuel de Côte d’Ivoire on how to plan this process, who should be involved, how much time it may take, and what issues you need to consider. The case, developed by APSFD-IC, is available in French.


Example of a staff grievance procedure from VF AzerCredit, Azerbaijan

This interesting procedure contains detailed guidelines around when and how staff member can submit a grievance, what safeguards exist to protect the aggrieved party, and considerations for when it's not appropriate to air grievances to the line manager (in that case, employees can approach the HR manager). The document is available here.

Learn from FINCA, Azerbaijan about its performance appraisal system

FINCA's management determines appropriate performance standards for locally-hired employees. These performance standards are established to ensure that positions are performed satisfactorily according to job descriptions and performance plans, and so that employees are formally appraised. The document includes useful templates that show what information can be documented, including examples of general work habits criteria for scoring.

EU Access to Finance Day in Luxembourg, 4 June 2015


4 June 2015 Luxembourg

How to set up a social performance reporting framework

Putting the right information into the right hands at the right time means good decision-making that balances your social and financial goals. But how can you do it? Learn about how the Kashf Foundation (KF) developed and launched a Social Performance Dashboard, and about the Social and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) Matrix used by Khushhali Bank Limited (KBL). The case lists challenges and solutions that these institutions faced along the way, with key lessons for others trying to do the same thing.

What should you do when facing mission drift?

Markets change, and institutions change. But that doesn’t mean you need to lose your mission focus. The case of Serbian bank Opportunity Bank J.S.C. Novi Sad (OBS) highlights how an institution can implement a strategic plan for SPM in order to avoid mission drift. The case includes a description of key decisions made, different roles of managers and board as well as lessons learned drawn from this experience. The case study, developed by Microfinanza Rating and the SP Fund, is available in English