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SPS Reporting


MFC supports MFIs in the Europe and Central Asian region to report their social performance to the MIX

MFC provides training and on-going support to MFIs to ensure that they recognise the importance of social reporting, understand the process and have the skills to do it successfully. In 2011, 11 institutions from the ECA region were awarded by the MIX for their commitment to transparent social performance monitoring and management, and one MFC member was awarded a Gold Network Award.

Silver Award

The Silver Award recognizes MFIs that:                                                               

  • Complete the social performance questionnaire found in the MIX Online Profile Editor
  • Submit proper documentation to MIX proving the existence of reported social performance policies
  • Report poverty measurement data to MIX

The following MFC patners received a Silver Award in 2011:

  • Azerbaijan: Avrasiya-Kredit, Caspian Invest                                                                                  
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: PRIZMA                                                                                                               
  • Kosovo: KosInvest                                                                                           
  • Serbia: MD (formerly MDF)

Gold Award for MFIs

The Gold Award recognizes MFIs that, in addition to completing the requirements of the Silver Award, also:

  • Have a social rating from 2008 or later
  • Show social change related to their mission
  • Show high levels of client retention based on their respective market

The following MFC patners received a Gold Award in 2011:

  • Azerbaijan: Azercredit
  • Kazakhstan: Arnur Credit

Platinum MFI Award Recipients are:

The Gold Award recognizes MFIs that, in addition to completing the requirements of the Silver and Gold Award, also complete an additional survey assessing potential new indicators.

The following MFC patners received a Platinum Award in 2011:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: EKI
  • Georgia: JSC MFO Crystal
  • Tajikistan: IMON

Gold Network Award

The Gold Network Award recognizes Networks and Associations where 90% of members report their social performance data to the MIX. In 2011, the MIX awarded a Gold Network Award to AMFA (Azerbaijan).