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SP Start-up Fund (2010-2012)


The Social Performance (SP) Start-up Fund was designed to deliver both scale and sustainable local support capacity

Grantee networks, who started with limited or no SPM experience, engaged local stakeholders around microfinance and social performance, increased sector transparency and help members align internal processes to facilitate more effective fulfillment of their social goals.

On aggregate, its first 24-month “Start-up” project met or exceeded the majority of its targets around outreach to microfinance institutions (MFIs) and results in terms of building the SPM capacity of networks and MFIs.

Start-up Fund case studies

Six new cases describe lessons and challenges from:

  • APSFD (Côte d’Ivoire) saw SPM as a key strategy for addressing challenges faced by the sector and most importantly, re-building its image (among clients and other stakeholders) as responsible and trustworthy. Read the case Eng> Français
  • CMF (Nepal) supported SPM within a difficult political environment, coupled with the challenge of members’ poor organizational infrastructure. CMF met these challenges with a highly individualized approach to member assistance. Read the case>
  • NATCCO (Philippines) used its SP Start-up Fund work to improve its own SPM processes, as well as that of its members. From the start, it deliberately sought to institutionalize an SPM focus in the work of the network. Read the case>
  • Sharakeh (Palestine) focused on developing a common management information system for its members, and used SPM to itself become more member-focused. Read the case>
  • TAMFI’s (Tanzania) SPM support work was based on an initial survey of its members’ SPM practice. Not only did this information allow TAMFI to tailor its approach, but it also provided a useful benchmark for reflecting on project achievements. Read the case Eng> Français
  • UCORA (Armenia) saw social reporting as an effective means both to convince members of the need for internal improvement, and strengthen its dialogue with the Central Bank around creating a positive enabling environment. Read the case Eng> Русский

These six new cases complete the series, which includes cases on:

Lessons learned: The final case in the series reflects on key lessons for networks currently supporting SPM integration, and those interested in doing so in future. The case also describes clear lessons for MFC (as the implementing agency), and includes a key insights of relevance to the industry-at-large. Read the case Eng> Français Русский

This first phase of the SP Fund was implemented between 2010-2012, with the support of the Ford Foundation.

Start-up Fund Grantees

Start-up Fund Grantees included: