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Social Performance Fund


The Social Performance (SP) Fund develops the capacity of microfinance networks to work with their members on promoting and implementing Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

You can learn more about the Fund and its activites in the following sections:

About the Fund

The current round of the SP Fund focuses on awareness-raising and standards implementation in order to facilitate the broad scale-up of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM). Learn more>

Our grantees

Our 45 current grantees represent every region of the world. Learn more about their missions, their SP Fund projects, and how to connect with them on our grantees page>

Steering committee

This initiative draws on the expertise of a range of global SPM leaders for its management and oversight structure. Learn more>

Resources for networks

This section contains resources for networks developed by the MFC, the Social Performance Task Force, and grantees themselves. Read more here>

News and updates

Monthly newsletters deliver the latest information and insights from grantee networks in the field, and highlight new resources available. Read more here>

SP Start-up Fund (2010-2012)

The Social Performance (SP) Start-up Fund was designed to deliver both scale and sustainable local support capacity to the SPM agenda. Thirteen grantee networks worked with members to raise awareness and build capacity for social performance management and reporting. Learn more about the Start-up Phase here>