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Quality Audit Tool


The QAT is a practical diagnostic tool that supports managers in reviewing the status and effectiveness of an MFI’s management processes in achieving social goals.

This tool was designed to help MFIs ensure they are on track towards achieving their social goals. The QAT helps identify strengths and gaps in practice, and prioritizing actions for SPM improvement. The QAT is aligned with the newly-launched Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM).

Who can apply the QAT?

The QAT may be implemented by internal MFI staff, with or without an external consultant. For MFIs going through a QAT exercise for the first time, the MFC recommends working with an external consultant.

Learn more about our QAT training courses here>

What does the process look like?

There are four steps of the QAT process:

  • Gap analysis conducted with senior management as an initial social audit.
  • In-depth follow-up to gather more detailed information to verify and better understand the gap analysis.
  • Analysis and draft report that examines the material collected in detail and highlights the organization's strengths and weaknesses in each of the dimensions covered by the gap analysis.
  • Audit panel to present findings to a group of key organizational stakeholders, agree on the final results, and win organization-wide buy-in for the action plan. Following detailed discussions on the action plan, a final audit report is produced.

What are the outputs?

The QAT yields a concise report on the strengths and weaknesses of an MFI in each dimension of social performance management. The report also provides key supporting evidence and prioritizes activities to be undertaken by the MFI in order to improve social performance management by addressing identified gaps and building on identified strengths.

What are others saying about the QAT?

QAT is recognized as one of 7 most important and widely used tools related to social performance, according to User Reviews published by the Social Performance Task Force.

To learn more about the QAT click here.