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Policy Program


MFC Policy Program was created to improve financial access policies that are aimed at enhancing policy makers and regulators capacity to understand financial inclusion issues at a country and international level. To this end, we have designed research and capacity building programs for policy makers, experts and regulators.

Components of the program:

1.      Research:

·         country level access to finance assessment and analysis (using AccessScore methodology and other methods)

2.      Policy Development:

·         practical actions to address challenges and opportunities (modeled after Partners for Stability Program)

·         regional exchange of expertise and experience (Policy Forum)

3.      Publications:

·         Policy Monitor

·         Regional Benchmark report based on country analysis


Regional Level

Country Level


Ad hoc research on specific problems related to access to finance and institutional/policy constraints (on demand)

Annual supply side review of financial services provision using:

  • AccessScore methodology

  • Household surveys of use of financial services

  • Expert/stakeholder focus groups to capture the gaps and critical challenges of access to finance

Policy Development

Bi- Annual Microfinance/Access to Finance Policy Forum

Access to finance workshops and technical assistance to address specific problems and challenges using regional and international expertise



  • Annual Access to Finance benchmark report based on AccessScore country reports and additional research

  • Microfinance Policy Monitor

Country reports on access to finance and microfinance (in connection with AccessScore)