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KMF Financial Education project in Kazakhstan reached 76,000 people!

In order to increase the level of financial education of the population in Kazakhstan, KazMicrofinance (KMF), with the support of its parent company KMF Fund - "Demeu" has developed a project it is calling "Increase of Financial Literacy of the Population"

Using an innovative design approach to ensure best results, KMF developed this unique project for Kazakhstan in December 2013, drawing on the example of the MFC Financial education project.

This project consists of two components focusing on financial literacy in terms of family budget and business management. 

Results to date:

·         76,000 people participated in the trainings

·         11 education modules developed and  delivered

·         10 types of brochures designed and disseminated

·         5 seminars conducted

·         Audio and video case profiles designed based on real-life stories of KMF clients

For detailed information about the project, please click here (English; Russian)

*KMF is a socially-responsible organization that has gained recognition in Kazakhstan and beyond for its successful work. KMF supports vulnerable segments of the population and problem resolution related to financial vulnerability of the society.