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Gender mainstreaming in microfinance


MFC conducts research, capacity building and tool development to help integrate a gender lens into the social performance management of MFIs

As women comprise over 50% of the world’s population and 70% of the poorest, they form the overwhelming majority of the target group for poverty-focused microfinance. Experience shows that microfinance can be a useful tool to increase women's income levels, and control over the family income, leading to greater levels of economic independence. However, too few MFIs have a specific focus on the needs of women clients, understand how they are using loans and how it is benefitting their lives (beyond just their businesses).

In response, MFC provides services and products to support MFI's women's empowerment and gender mainstreaming agendas. We do this through:

Research and capacity building projects

We conduct gender mainstreaming projects to improve practice and adapt international best practice to the ECA context. Learn more>

Tool development

We have designed a number of tools for MFIs to assess and improve their gender empowerment work. Learn more>


Learn more about gender and microfinance: