Armen Gabrielyan - Board Director

CEO, Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC, Armenia
Mr. Armen Gabrielyan has almost 20 years’ of experience in the banking and financial sector in Armenia. His professional experience includes 10 years of  banking and agriculture lending experience as a Regional and Branch manager in ACBA Credit Agricole Bank.
Since 2007 he is the CEO/President of Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC, which is the only credit cooperative in Armenia. Currently he is also the Board Chairman of the Union of Credit Organizations of the Republic of Armenia (UCORA).
Mr. Armen Gabrielyan has a diploma from Yerevan State Linguistic University, Department of French and English languages. Afterwards, he continued his education in Moscow Supreme School at the Central Committee of Komsomol, in the Faculty of Political science and journalism from 1986 to1987. Mr. Gabrielyan also has an MA in Law, from Yerevan State University, Faculty of Law from 1992-1995.
In addition to the native language Armenian, he is fluent in Russian, English and French.