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Annual Conference





MFC membership meeting  |ENGRUSPHOTOS

Workshop: Preventing over-indebtedness

EaSI TA Thematic seminar: Credit scoring in microfinance

Plenary session: Microfinance in the cloud

Workshop 2B: Learning from co-operatives: How to design democratic institutions

Workshop 2C: Staff professional development: The role of coaching and mentoring

Workshop 3A: Digital revolution: How can technology transform microfinance?

  • Murray Gardiner, Temenos, United Kingdom |ENGRUS|

  • Alexis Lebel, OpenCBS, Hong Kong |ENGRUS|

  • Arlinda Mali, NOA, Albania |ENGRUS|

  • Kalin Radev, Software Group, Bulgaria |ENGRUS|

Workshop 3C: All you ever wanted to know about counterfactual impact evaluations (but were too confused to ask)

Workshop 4B: Alternative financing models for MSMEs in the EU

Workshop 4C: Microfinance in a time of crisis


2015 Funding Explorer on Financial Inclusion: Funder Coordination Through Data Solutions

MIX Gold Custom Reporting Solution